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Poster: c-freedom Date: May 26, 2014 8:06pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: prosecutors can aggregate (war on drUgS)

Straight up 'dream and lie' so much of this seems to fall into the category of wrong place and wrong time as well as sentencing having no basis in reality.
The problem I see on the horizon for legalization is once you get out of prohibition and into "hey, go down to the store and pick up a six pack and some kind bud" it will be just like how you don't see too may stills around today. Well, I am pretty sure you won't be seeing much of the homegrown either down the road. (Alaska has a decent take on herb for personal consumption -vs- dealer/ distribution)
The Psychedelics really are a whole different kettle of fish . People smoking pot not much of a threat to da system (heck many enforcement folks puff). But the reason Dead tour drew the wrath of the DEA was the Liquid.
If someone made a film about L.S.D beyond the goofiness of 'the Trip' with Peter Fonda it would blow some minds for sure. Government experiments on 'volunteers' goes haywire, use as weapon uncontrollable, threat to domestic security.
I mean it is pretty crazy. Sounds like a plot for a Sci-Fi. Also it would seem to me that Heroin over the years has done more damage to the people of the United States especially its artists and musicians then all the bad trips on acid ever could.
But hey Liquor has ruined many lives and that's not just with the drinking and driving. Look at how that devastated the native American population circa anytime after Columbus.
I am rambling now and might break into an 'Easy Answers' chorus.
Also I can't tell you how many times I hear that a friend or loved one has gotten a 'Lung Cancer' diagnosis after quitting cigarettes 20/30 years before and wham in less than a year they are gone.